About us

Our Team

Mosekola Solutions is a multidisciplinary, quality-oriented language practice, focused not only on the product, but also on our team. We have a pool of independent qualified practitioners on our team. Because of our business model, these practitioners are not only an extension of Mosekola Solutions, but are also business owners in their own right. Some of these businesses are often in rural areas, where unemployment is rife. By using their language competencies, Mosekola Solutions enables the development of micro-businesses in rural areas, delivering a world-class language service. This also addresses the purism factor – we have access to geographically diverse linguists. Thanks to their drive, reliability, quality, responsibility, and accountability, our services and products remain young, modern, and vibrant.

We do, however, also recognise that most of our clients have an in-house language service. In an effort to maximise the quality of the products and services we deliver, we form a collaborative team.


As defined by the International Organisations for Standardisation (ISO), Mosekola Solutions acknowledges that confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of information security. We, therefore, undertake to ensure that information is accessible only to those authorised to have access to it and also to respect the confidentiality of our clients’ affairs.


Our rates are competitive and market-related. The rate we charge depends on the subject matter and length of the document and/or project. For an accurate estimate of the cost of required services, we require either a copy of the document or a full word count.

Sharpening Our Saw

We are constantly sharpening our saw. We offer periodic training to our language professionals in order to update them on current developments in the field. During such training, clients are offered the opportunity to interact with language practitioners to further the quality of the service provided and to develop solutions to enhance the end product delivered to our clients.

Our Value Proposition

We pride ourselves on delivering work on time. We also provide our clients with a review period that allows them to study the document and ensure that the quality of our product meets their expectations. If there is any comebacks we undertake to work and make any required changes without any further costs to the client.

Our language professionals are fully accessible to our clients should they wish to clarify anything arising during the execution of their assignments or projects.

All assignments are completed under strict supervision, and standard quality control measures are taken to ensure that we deliver quality products to our clients.

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